International Scientific Committee for Tuna and Tuna-like Species in the North Pacific Ocean
The Government of the United States and the Government of Japan announced today the formation of the *Interim Scientific Committee to study the tuna and tuna-like species of the North Pacific Ocean. They announced as well that all countries of the region, and states with vessels fishing in the region could participate as Members of the Committee. They indicated that the Committee would cooperate closely with relevant fisheries and scientific organizations, and other entities with vessels fishing in the region.

Stock Assessment
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April 2015
ISC Management Strategy Evaluation Workshop
Click here to see the agenda of ISC Management Strategy Evaluation Workshop (16-17 April 2015).
Februay 2015
ISC Management Strategy Evaluation Workshop
16-17 April 2015 Yokohama, Japan
The ISC will convene an MSE Workshop to review the objective, benefits, and requirements to implement an MSE, as well as recent progress made by tuna RFMOs towards adopting and implementing the MSE process. Discussions will aim to define the roles of managers, stakeholders and scientists in the MSE process, particularly as they relate to facilitating the completion of an MSE for North Pacific albacore tuna. For the Workshop Announcement click here and for the Workshop Information click here.
August 2014
North Pacific Swordfish Stock Assessment Report
ISC Billfish Working Group completed a North Pacific swordfish stock assessment and presented the results at the ISC14. The assessment report is now available.
August 2014
ISC14 Plenary Report
16-21 July 2014 Taipei, Chinese-Taipei
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